Saturday, August 9, 2008

Penne with Beef Ragu

Typically, this recipe is made in Italy with Wild Boar, which is delicious and very tasty. However, here in Seattle, it's not so easy to find Wild Boar at Larry's Market and/or any grocery store that is readily available. You have to order it ahead of time and pay a healthy price for it. So, I selected a very nice cut of beef and I had my butcher at Larry's Market grind it for me with his special blades. When it is minced, the meat has the tiniest bits and not chunks, as you would buy when it is pre-minced in packages. Also, this recipe is best accompanied with Pappardelle pasta, but I selected to make it with Penne as it was easier for me on a work day. Over the weekend, I will have time to make my own Pappardelle and cook this recipe with Wild Boar (pre-ordered at Larry's).

The original recipe belongs to Chef Susan Grant from her cook book "PIANO PIANO PIENO" which is interpreted as "Slowly Slowly Full" in English. It's a lovely cook book and written by Chef Susan Grant with lots of passion for cooking and lots of love. I would totally recommend buying this book. The recipe you find in here is my own recipe with my interpretation of Ragu and with Chef Susan Grant's assistance, I was able to alter a few things in my recipe to make it MUCH MORE tastier than when I made it before my lessons in Italy!! Buon Appetito!!

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