Monday, March 1, 2010

Chef Cynthia Hess' Mad Dog Meatloaf

With the permission of Chef Cynthia Hess (FB is my witness! She wrote me a note that went public dated March 1, 2010), I am posting the recipe and the reviews of her recipe "Mad Dog Meatloaf".


Alright, so the recipe has a "Beware - Caution - Cook at your Own Risk" alert, as it may cause Foaming of the Mouth instructions.  Which I thought, alright, can Chef Hess really be serious?  How many meatloaf recipes are there out there that are that great?  Not being a great fan of meatloaf, I sat with this recipe for several months before deciding to actually make it for dinner.  The bark was getting louder and louder, every time I picked up the recipe to read it.  So, I finally decided to take the "Mad Dog" to my kitchen with all the ingredients and show it who was boss!

O.K. so the boss is definitely Chef Cynthia "Mad Dog" Hess
It is a very easy recipe to follow, but you must follow the ingredients completely and exactly what it calls for.
Above is the meatloaf with all the ingredients shaped into a loaf.
Step 2 is adding ketchup to the top and placing the loaf in a baking pan with beef stock.
The finished product that looks absolutely delicious.
Meatloaf never looked so appetizing.  I served it with roasted potatoes and au jus from the pan.

So, was the "Mad Dog" Chef just mad when she said that her meatloaf was the best ever?  Absolutely!  My kids loved this meatloaf and my husband did not just have seconds, but a third serving for dinner. 
Were our mouths foaming and watering?  Oh Yes!

The texture of this meatloaf was not just like regular meatloaf that I have had in the past.  It was smooth and tender and it melted in your mouth.  It was absolutely the best meatloaf that I have had.
Thank you Chef hess for sharing this "Whitley Award Winner" recipe with us! I'm not sure if I would say at this point, that your bark was louder than our bite, because we really enjoyed every bite!

I applaud Chef Cynthia "Mad Dog" Hess!  This recipe will be shared here on my blog and will soon be listed in her cook book as well.  Thank you, Chef Hess.

Mad Dog Meatloaf
Caution: May Cause Foaming of the Mouth
By: Chef Cynthia "Mad Dog" Hess

Yield: 8 Manly Portions

16 oz   lean ground beef 16%
16 oz  ground beef, regular   
2 oz    whole milk
1 ea.  egg
1 T     small dice yellow onion
1/4 c   bread crumbs
1 T     paprika
1/4 tsp  black pepper, ground
1 tsp   sea salt
3 T     ketchup

4 T     ketchup
1/4 c  chicken/beef stock

Mix all cold ingredients, until even consistency is reached.
Form in a loaf and place in a baking pan with 1/4 cup chicken or beef stock.
Top with an additional 4T of ketchup
Bake at 350F until you reach an internal temperature of 160F

Buon Appetito!