Thursday, July 31, 2008

First day back from Italy and off we went to the Seattle Market to teach Nadia and Suraya all about the Market...

I could not wait to go to the Market in Seattle. This time, it's not just a quick tour around the Market, get some Starbuck's coffee, eat a croissant from Le Panier and then go home. No, we actually took time looking for fresh fruits, vegetables and visited the Market Butcher. I was also on the hunt for zucchini flowers, but no one in the market had any. I got the strangest looks and was asked, hm? zucchini flowers? What are you going to do with the flowers? So, everything I learned from Judy Witts at Divina Cucina, was flowing out of my brain. Some of the farmers were quite intrigued about the fact that the flowers were edible. One actually said to return next Friday and he will have some for me instead of throwing them away. A day of lessons for the girls and a few of our local farmers. :-)

Let's see what the want-to-be Chef (Sadie) comes up with all these vegetables, fruits and meat from the market.

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