Monday, January 2, 2012

Mamey Sapote Shake

Starting out my day with a delicious shake made out of a very tasty tropical fruit named "Mamey Sapote."

Mamey Sapote's origin is West Indies, it is shaped like a large, pointed peach and covered with a russet-brown rind that's thick, rough and woody.  The flesh, which ranges in color from salmon-pink to golden-red, is firm and smooth with a sweet flavor reminiscent of apricots and almonds.  Definition taken from Sharon Tyler Herbst, author of Food Companion.

The information I have read on Mamey Sapote is that it has been a favorite fruit for generations in West Indies, Central America, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and introduced to Florida in the late 1880's.  The seed has a short life span, which discouraged farmers in the Americas in the early colonial times, as they did not want to risk purchasing the seeds and having the seeds arrive at their expiration time. 

There are several orchards in Florida that grow Mamey Sapote and you can order on line to have it delivered right to your door.  Contact Tropical Fruit Growers in Florida at  to find a farmer.   If you are lucky, you may find some Goya products in your neighborhood stores (not common here in Seattle), that carry frozen packets of Mamey Sapote.

Health benefits with Mamey Sapote and other fruits can be found in this web site  

Well, since I am heading out to the Dominican Republic soon, I will have plenty of fresh Mamey Sapote; as harvest season begins in January.  Lucky ME!

Mamey Sapote Shake

Sadie's Mamey Sapote Morning Shake


Makes 2 servings

7 oz Mamey Sapote - fresh or frozen, I used Goya's frozen packet
16 oz Coconut Milk
1 tsp Flax seed powder (optional) *see notes
4-6 ice cubes or 1cup crushed ice

In a high speed blender, blend together until desired consistency.  I prefer adding crushed ice.

*Notes:  Adding fiber to your diet is essential.  I add 1-2 teaspoons of fiber in my daily diet.  I prefer Hi-Lignan Flax Seeds.  I purchase flax seeds that are produced locally in the Washington area, and I love all these products on this web site 

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