Sunday, May 22, 2011

Egg Nests

Egg Nests, or as I have been calling them all morning, "Egg in a basket full of cheese!"  A great Sunday morning breakfast and very simple to make. 

Sometimes you have to be grateful for some downtime; as I have for the last 72 hours with a horrible case of fever, cough (bronchitis) and aches. Why?  Because thanks to our world of technology, we can be on our wireless iPads, computers, phones, Kindle, etc, catching up with news on Twitter, FB and all other Social Network media.  That's exactly what I have been doing in bed for the past 72 hours.  Following my friends on Twitter that attended the "blogher" event and reading recipes.  Such as the one that Simply Recipes posted over the weekend about Egg Nests  Great way to start a Sunday morning when you are ready to head back into the kitchen to cook. 

Egg Nests Ingredients
Organic Farm Eggs, A Fine Cheese & Salt, that's all!

And then, you whip the egg whites
and fold in the cheese!

Ready to bake in a 450*degree oven
Voilà !

  Ready to serve

Egg Nests or as I called them this morning;
 Egg in a basket filled with cheese!
Served it with a slice of Jambon!

This recipe was written from a French Cook Book for Children and Simply Recipes shared it on their site for all of us to enjoy!

Indeed, it was a great way to start a Sunday morning with my family.

Chef Notes:
1. Easy recipe
2. If you select a different cheese than what the original recipe calls for, as I did, be sure you reduce or omit the salt all together.  I chose to use a fine Ewephoria Sheep Milk Gooda (yes, spelled Gooda not Gouda), from one of my favorite Seattle cheese importers; which you can find on-line at   This cheese is considered the "candy" of cheeses, it's got an amazing nutty taste and it is delicious!  I omitted the salt in this recipe, because I knew this "Gooda" was going to give it enough flavor without the salt.
3.  I cooked the eggs in the oven a little longer (3 extra minutes) to get a medium doneness (I don't like runny eggs).  So, in total, I cooked everything for 9 minutes, instead of 6 minutes that the recipe states.

I give this recipe a 5 star!  Thanks to for posting this on Twitter!

Oh,  if you serve this
and the kids, (including your husband),
decides to play with their food;
this is the picture you will end up with!
A very Happy Face!

Bon Appetit!

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