Saturday, April 23, 2011

Indian Curry Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are one of our favorite protein treats at home.  I love that you can play around with spices, herbs and create a new flavor with deviled eggs.  I have made so many different flavors through the years and most recently; creating a Southwestern, Moroccan and Indian flavored deviled eggs. 

When I was in culinary school, we had to create a quick appetizer in 30 minutes and present it to our chef instructor as a two bite appetizer.  The rule was that we had to use whatever was available to us in a "mystery basket".  When the chef instructor started the clock; the first thing that I thought of was making deviled eggs, so I quickly grabbed a few eggs, boiled them and looked around the class "mystery basket" to see what I could find to create a gourmet and different deviled egg.  There was no mayonnaise available and I certainly did not have the time to make my own in just 30 minutes, but I did find a fresh bottle of "school-made" Harissa (a Tunisian hot red pepper sauce), Bells and Whistles went off in my head and I quickly created this delicious tasting deviled egg with Harissa.  It was so tasty and I got a high score on my two bite deviled egg.  Not only did I get a high score and a high five from my instructor, but I was asked to make 300 deviled eggs for a special function at school...Oh yeah, that was the first time working with so many eggs and I was so nervous that they would not turn out as the one that I had made in class in 30 minutes.  Well, I succeeded in creating the same flavor for the 300 deviled eggs and received many praises.  Ever since, I have loved making different flavored eggs and the bonus is, that my family enjoys them as well.  A healthy protein treat for everyone to enjoy!

Indian Curry Deviled Eggs with sprinkled paprika and fresh leaf of oregano
Indian Curry Deviled Eggs

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