Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pollo Blu - Chicken Breasts with Gorgonzola

This recipe is all about beautiful flavors. Another recipe from Mauro at Assagio Ristorante. I had this in his restaurant for lunch with friends a few weeks ago and it was delicious. I changed the recipe (slightly) to fit a few taste buds in the household (I omitted the mushrooms and the Dijon mustard in this recipe) and to make sure that my 12 year old ate it, by omitting the mushrooms (she still has not acquired a taste for mushrooms).

Chicken made with a delicious Gorgonzola cream sauce. I served this dish with penne and a slice of prosciutto topped with a fresh sage leaf from my friend's garden (Christi Meshell).
Grazie Mauro for an easy dish filled with beautiful flavors!

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